We offer you a powerful system

to increase your jewelry production.

VEGA 3D Printer
VEGA 3D machines; high performance, modular and scalable

With our unique modular approach for multi-machines, you can produce any type of jewelry and increase your equipment whenever you need.

PowerCast Castable Resins
Power Resins; 100% ash-free Castable resins

We continuously develop our Power resins in order to fulfill Jewelsmith quality requirements and needs. Our R&D experts have developed 100% ash-free castable resin that provides wax quality casting at low costs.

VEGA 3D Printer
Continuity of your production guaranteed with unique swap policy!

Our jewelry experts will always be with you to ensure the continuity of your production. As with our rental continuity system, if you have any technical problem with the machine during your production, we automatically swap it with a new one for free.

Solution for all type of production techniques

VEGA Production System
Production Type 1
Direct Casting

-PowerCast resin casting quality is as good as wax
-You do not need to use rubber or silicon molds
-You do not need wax injection
-You can print any type of jewelry models as well as very light and thin designs

Production Type 2
Direct Master Model for Rubber Mold

– PowerMold resin enables you to print directly your master model for rubber or silicon mold
– All you do is print with PowerMold at 25 or 50 micron
– UV cure printed model
– You may also polish the printed resin parts as the PowerMold material is very strong
– Take rubber or silicon mold from printed jewel

Production Type 3
Classic Rubber Mold Cycle

– Print using PowerCast resin
– Easy cast in silver the same way you would cast wax
– Polish and take rubber mold from master silver model

Scale your Production

with Modular System

Small Jewelry Production Plan
1 Vega- 3D Printer
2 kg Powercast Resin
Medium Jewelry Production Plan
5 Vega- 3D Printer
10 kg Powercast Resin
Large Jewelry Production Plan
20 Vega- 3D Printer
40 kg Powercast Resin
Multiple Control Software
Remote up to 20 Machines

VEGA 3D Printer

Specifically developed for the jewellery manufacturers considering their high quality and accuracy needs.

VEGA 3D Printer
PowerCast Castable Resins

Power Resins

Developed for jewelry professionals in order to provide highest quality casting results.