100% stable system to increase your jewelry production!

NovaFab 3D Printers combined with Powerresins broad portfolio of castable materials allow you to produce precise, fast and continuous solutions in jewelry production.

Best Direct
Casting Quality

With NovaFab solutions, you can reach outstanding direct casting quality with any type of investment.

Giga 3D Printer

The Giga 3D Printer is specially designed for extra high capacity jewelry production.

Professional Materials

Developed for jewelry professionals in order to provide highest quality casting results.

Sega 3D Printer

Sega 3D Printer is specially designed for high quality jewelry production with high accuracy.​

Mega 3D Printer

Mega 3D Printer is specially designed for large production of high quality jewelry.

Customer Gallery

Jewelry Design Market

Choose from thousands of ready printable jewelry designs and print them with NovaFab 3D printers.

Webinars & Trainings​

We organize Free Webinars with industry experts for the development of jewelry production