Mega 3D Printer

Specially designed for large production of high quality jewelry!

Mega 3D Printer is a DLP Projector 3D Printer specially designed for large production of high quality jewelry. It has very fast printing speed, high accuracy and proven long term stability for mass production.

Stability and Accuracy with Extreme Speed!

Exceptional speed, accuracy and quality in all type jewelry!

9 minutes

Layer thickness of 50 µm

25 minutes

Layer thickness of 50 µm

32 minutes

Layer thickness of 50 µm

32 minutes

Layer thickness of 50 µm

41 minutes

Layer thickness of 50 µm

54 minutes

Layer thickness of 50 µm

Big Capacity

Our solution provides you with a very big daily production capacity. You can see the production capacity of 1 Mega 3d printer working 10 hours. This gives you an estimate of 21k daily gold production per machine.

With the large build plate and high height, you can also print using the multi-layer technique by adding parts vertically. Here we have printed 28 bangles at once optimizing the vertical space.

Daily Production Capacity

Light Speed Fast Printing!

Mega 3D Printer use our Ultra-Fast DLP technology to provide very high accuracy while printing at outstanding speed.

High Precision

You can print up to 0.15mm surfaces or strings thickness.

Perfect Stick Technology​

You don’t need to put extra base and therefore economize from your resin consumption.

Light Production

You can manufacture very light jewelry that is not feasible with traditional rubber molds. Design at extreme thin thickness or use light strings of filigree in order to decrease jewelry weights.

High Quality Casting with PowerResins

PowerResins castable resins have been specifically developed in order to get a 100% ash-free casting.
NovaFab solutions offer you high casting quality and high precision.

Technical Specifications​

Printing Technology

Fast DLP

Print Volume

13.3 cm x 7,5 cm

Z Layer Thickness​

50 / 30 / 15 micron

Print Speed​

90 mm/hour at 50 micron


385nm / 405nm options


5GHz Wi-Fi - USB Drive

Printer Control

7" Touch-screen

Printer Dimensions

32,5 cm x 32,5 cm x 67 cm

Printer Weight

23 Kg

3D printing materials for jewelry production

En yüksek kalitede döküm sonuçları sağlamak amacıyla kuyum profesyonelleri için geliştirilmiştir.

Design Platform

Thousands of ready printable jewelry designs in different categories






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Fantasy Models

NovaSoft Software

Developed to provide highest quality 3d prints for jewelry production.

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