PowerCast Opaque

PowerCast Opaque is a special 100% ash-free castable resin that is formulated for DLP 3d printers in order to get perfect printing and direct casting quality in jewelry manufacturing. It has an opaque colour and provides perfect detail and surface quality in printing and casting.

Properties of PowerCast Opaque:

  • Perfect surface and print quality for DLP 3d printers
  • 100% ash-free burnout for direct casting of jewelry. You may easily cast 21k, 18k, 14k gold or silver
  • Can be used for any type of jewelry including engraving, smooth surface, high details or filigree jewelry.
  • No need for post-curing: Only wash with ethyl alcohol and dry with air then it is ready for casting.
  • Use of standard burnout cycle, no need for special treatment
  • Not smelly or dangerous for health


Specially made for direct casting. Evaporates with heat leaving no ash.


Easy to cast with investments such as Sherafine, Polyvest, Siladent, Bego, Nanovest or others


Safe to handle. Does not contain any hazardous solvent or dangerous monomer.


This resin has low viscosiy. It is easy to clean and provides high yiled after cleaning.


No need for Post-UV curing after printing. Simply wash and use.


Provide accurate print with details and can be printed below 10 micron and providing 0.1 mm thickness.

Opaque Resin Print and Cast Samples

Please note that all the pictures are the raw casting of 14k gold, 21k gold, and silver without any polish made after the casting. The burnout cycle used in these examples are normal burnout cycle with various investments such as Omnicast, Optima or Plasticast without using any special treatment or post-curing after the printing.

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