PowerCast RTV

PowerCast RTV resin is a special 3d printer resin that is designed for taking RTV (Room Temperatur Vulcanized) liquid silicone molds.

This special resin enables to have very sharp and accurate details. You may also post-cure this resin and make it harder in order to polish it before taking RTV liquid mold.

Properties of PowerCast RTV:

  • Easily take liquid RTV mold from printed model
  • Perfect printed quality for details
  • Smooth surface that can be also post-polish or post-cured
  • High dimensional accuracy and no deformation in time


Designed for taking RTV (Room Temperatur Vulcanized) liquid silicone molds.


Provide accurate print with details and can be printed below 10 micron and providing 0.1 mm thickness.


Safe to handle. Does not contain any hazardous solvent or dangerous monomer.


This resin has low viscosiy. It is easy to clean and provides high yiled after cleaning.

RTV Resin Print Samples

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