Who we are?

We are a team of 3D printer and material experts developing new solutions for jewellery manufacturers.

In current competitive global markets, we understand jewelsmiths’ needs:

  • Need for a trustable production system that ensures continuity and consistency in time.
  • Need for high quality production at low cost in order to remain competitive.
  • Always produce new designs and products in order to increase sales and follow trends.

As we understand these requirements of time, quality and cost we focus on providing you an end-to-end scalable production solution that lets jewellery manufacturers to focus on new designs and markets.

Our resin and 3D technology R&D team is focusing specifically on the Jewelry production. We develop new solutions by gathering feedbacks from Europe, Turkish, Middle-East and Eastern jewelry markets.

We continuously improve our products and services quality to make sure one thing that is:

Help you produce better, faster and easier!

For orders / inquiries from UAE and GCC, you may contact our team based in DUBAI by clicking here

novafab by 3bfab

We offer you the fastest and 100% stable system

To increase your jewerly production

MEGA 3D Printers; Very fast production, 100% stability and high efficiency

With the unique Fast DLP technology of our Mega 3D Printer, you can produce and direct cast jewelry of 5Kg of gold per machine per day.

Power Resins; 100% ash-free Castable resins

We continuously develop our Power resins in order to fulfill Jewelsmith quality requirements and needs. Our R&D experts have developed 100% ash-free castable resin that provides wax quality casting at low costs.

Jewelry Design Market

Choose from thousands of ready printable jewelry designs and print them instantly with Mega 3D Printer.
Nova platform provides you ready jewelry designs so that you can cast and sell fast!

Stability of production 100% guaranteed and lifetime technical support!

Our jewelry experts will always be with you to ensure the continuity of your production. Our Mega 3D Printer ensure 20,000 hours of print with the same quality standards. We offer 1 year full warranty and offer lifetime technical support.