Best Direct
Casting Quality

With NovaFab solutions, you can
reach outstanding direct casting
quality with any type of investment


You can manufacture very light
jewelry that is not feasible with
traditional rubber molds.

Very Fast

Print and produce at very high speed!
With over 99% reliability and
repeatability success rate

High Detail
& Accuracy

You can manufacture smooth surfaces
as well as highly detailed parts
where you would hardly see the layers.

We offer you the fastest and 100% stable system

To increase your jewelry production

MEGA 3D Printers; Very fast production, 100% stability and high efficiency
With the unique Fast DLP technology of our Mega 3D Printer, you can produce and direct cast jewelry of 5Kg of gold per machine per day.

MEGA 3d Printer

PowerCast Resins

PowerCast Castable Resins

Training, Consultancy
and Technical Service

MEGA 3D Printer

Fastest 3D Printer specifically developed for large jewelry manufacturers with high stability and accuracy..

PowerCast Castable Resins

Power Resins

Developed for jewelry professionals in order to provide highest quality casting results.